A Ruckus in the showroom!

Ruckus by KI

We recently had the pleasure of a staff training session by KI Educational Furniture and the incredibly informative Emily McGregor, (See below for the rogue’s gallery on show!) as well as a refresher on the full educational range, the product that really stood out for us all though was the new Ruckus chair. Given the way that the office environment is developing into a more flexible and agile space it was great to see an innovative chair aimed at the education market that promotes student movement and lets users choose how they relate to their learning spaces.

The Ruckus collection fosters student engagement, enables a wide range of teaching styles and adapts to a variety of users and uses. With Ruckus chairs, users can quickly and easily change from focused to collaborative work on the fly without the disruption of rearranging furniture. Seating is non-directional to improve sight lines, and the chair back is perch-able to facilitate tiered classrooms without the need for stools. Integrated arms can serve as a work ledge to promote unlimited room layouts.

KI’s award-winning design team created the Ruckus Collection to foster student engagement, enable a wide range of teaching styles, and adapt to a variety of users and uses. Ruckus promotes movement and activity, which increases learning retention and comfort. It’s not just a furniture solution, it is a tool for changing the learning process. Users quickly and easily scale from focused to collaborative work. Innovative seating is non-directional and perch-able with integrated arms that also function as a work ledge. The collection includes seating (stack, 4-leg, stools, and task) as well as cantilever desks, and super-functional storage.

The first video at the top of this page is a brilliant illustration of how the range of products work together but we feel the best way to really understand and get to grips with the product and it’s versatility is to give it a try, contact us here at Millar West to arrange viewing a trial chair and one of our account managers will bring it to you to demonstrate.


Click here to find out more about this fab product  https://www.millarwest.co.uk/products/ruckus/


The last video at the bottom of the page shows how the chair shouldn’t be demonstrated!! Credit to Mark Voegeli

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