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Not only does the name give away the most massive clue as to their main priorities when it comes to developing their wares,  but you really do have to sit in a Comfort chair to believe just how fab they are……and no I’m not (unfortunately) getting paid my own body weight in chocolate to say these nice words! So lets take a look at how this global mega-brand came about, what they are currently offering and the future of Comfort seating.
As far as different chair brands are concerned all I have been doing since I started working for Millar West is participating in my own solo sit tests when I’m in the showroom, randomly picking a victim to park my amply sized bottom on….not a bad part of my job!…and making a mental note of which ones ticked most of the right boxes. Coming in right near the top of said list was the lovely example of perfection that is the Comfort Ergohuman chair, but we will talk about that later on!

Comfort Nuvem chair

Like all furniture, office chairs have their good and bad points, some look amazing but aren’t that pleasing on the bottom/back/neck comfort scale, whilst others look like something ready to attack Dr Who and her (yay a a female doctor at last!) tardis but are total winners on the satisfaction scale. The all important office chair is also often overlooked when kitting out an office space, and trying to make it look inviting for employees usually results in the “any old chair will do” thinking. Unfortunately the average office worker spends around five years sat at their desk, so if your chair is not up to the job of supporting your bod, lumps bumps and all comfortably, its therefore no surprise that many people are absent from work or are not productive due to musculoskeletal pain related problems.
But here is what I have learnt since beginning my office interiors journey and from being a total office chair knowledge virgin…..

COMFORT is an integral part of working……END OF.

…….Oh and I do have a penchant for a mesh chair.
 Finding an operators chair that is both pleasing, to sit in and aesthetically too is really quite difficulty. Cue the COMFORT Seating company, the ergonomic specialists.

“We create better working environments by providing the ultimate in comfort and posture control with our range of ERGONOMIC chairs – a revolution in office comfort.”


Comfort Nuvem chair (top), and Mirus Chair


Comfort was founded in 1996 by Neil Wu (below left) in China, their Head Quarters being established four years later in Guangzhou.
In 2007 with the health and well being of end users being at the forefront of their design philosophy the Comfort research and development centre was founded (currently led by three senior designers, eight sampling engineers, six structure engineers, who are all supported by a creative, operations and administrative team… there is some serious researching and developing going on there!)
By 2009 the business had rapidly expanded outside of Asia with their UK sales connections being established, and in 2013 Comfort Europe had their own Head office in Newmilns, Ayrshire UK. Now only 6 years later they are a well known heavyweight player in the UK’s Office seating market.
In January 2016 Alisdair Mc Gready (below middle) was announced as Managing Director and Gareth Gillespie (below right) was announced as CEO of Comfort Europe.


Continuing in their success, last Year Comfort Europe opened a showroom in “The Gallery at Clerkenwell, London, considered by many as the main hub for the Furniture Art & Design community in the UK. Here they rub shoulders with 6 other big businesses, Marlings, Tangent, Ergo, Aircharge, Silverline and Sixteen3, and with an impressive client list including Mercedes-Benz, Crimestoppers, Handelsbanken and Codemasters , Comfort Europe are the go to company to deliver any corporate project.
“Expanding our presence into the heart of the UK furniture sector is the logical next step in our companies growth. Our new showroom space is a perfect complement to the dealer network that we have already established in the United Kingdom” Alisdair McGready


Comfort seating is a group of companies comprising of Comfort Workspace, Comfort Europe and COMFORT UK (formally known as Mesh office seating). With over 20 years experience focusing on high end ergonomic chairs and being the founder of Comfort, Comfort Workspace is Asia’s most dynamic manufacturer. Together with Comfort UK they have created Comfort Europe. Comfort UK are the authorised UK distributor of the widely acclaimed and globally recognised Ergohuman range of ergonomic office seating. (which I promise we will discover more about in a bit!)
With their exclusive partnership with Comfort Workspace, Comfort Europe’s furniture brands are the result of a massive £20 million investment in research and development. With revenues in excess of £100 million in the last year, Comfort continues to go from strength to strength in the competitive commercial seating and office furniture market……whoa go Comfort… domination here you come.
So lets take a look at just some of  the reasons why they have been so successful.



“The Comfort design revolution”

Comfort seating are definitely a company who are proud of their service and have a major passion for chairs, their ergonomics and how they perform. Within less than 10 years this customer orientated company has built on its own unique R & D methodology at the ever expanding R&D Centre in Guangzhou.
Like mentioned before this is led by a large team who all have not only an abundance of professional technology readily available, but also share decades of manufacturing and design experience between them…. perfection is a realistic outcome with these guys in charge!
Their whole range of office seating is researched and developed independently by Comfort Seating, ensuring their products are made of the highest quality, with abundance of style and at the same time being at the forefront of technology. As well as comfort being their top priority, they produce ergonomic chairs that are adjustable and simple to control too…..(clapping hands)

 Advantages of certified ergonomic office chairs:

  •  Effortless set-up
  •  Reduced stress on the body
  •  Less absenteeism
  •  Increased productivity
  •  Improved morale and wellbeing
  •  Added style


(at last)

Being a product of this research and development methodology is the world renowned, highly acclaimed, and very popular Ergohuman range of chairs.
Launched in 2006 and having sold over 800,000 units worldwide, the Ergohuman chair is the perfect example of ergonomic seating and what can be achieved if the right amount of time, money and technology goes into creating a chair for the human body. The Ergohuman chair has been designed specifically for people who tend to spend 8 hours or even more a day sitting in a chair….and that’s a very unnatural and unhealthy amount of time for our bodies to be in that position, and to expect it to be OK about it too!!
This ever expanding group of workers are in need of ” INTENSIVE USE SEATING ”  which helps to minimise the aches and pains that you get with prolonged use of most task chairs.

Why so popular?
  • Fits most and body sizes
  • Is suitable for 24 hr a day usage ( or gameplay use, see below)
  • Allows you to sit both ergonomically and comfortably
  • Easily adjustable to suit sitting at a desk or a more relaxed position…..maybe to even sleep in?!

Here I am having a lovely relax in our very own Ergohuman…..I love it in Orange…..and especially the “clash” with my khaki green strides!

As you can see below this gentleman looks so comfortable!! Its almost as if the chair moulds to your specific body shape with utter ease, and looks super aesthetically pleasing to boot!
Its only natural to find a link between the ever popular hobby of gaming for 8+ hours a day and the seating used whilst participating in Destiny, World of Warcraft and if you are like my 12 year old son…..FORTNITE……yawn. With gamers comfort and wellbeing in mind, last year Comfort sent one of their Ergohuman Plus Elite chairs to the UK-based gamer, Huzzy Games, who reviewed it. You can watch the video here Ergohuman review


I love a Mesh chair! Super comfy, durable and supportive Mesh is a great alternative material to fabric when it comes to choosing ergonomic office seating or if you are jumping on the Vegan bandwagon like millions of others or are just an animal friendly human being, then its a fab alternative to leather too.
The Mesh fabric that is used to make Comfort seating’s chairs so warm and inviting is composed of 60% nylon for strength and support, and 40% cotton which provides the comfort, softness and grip. The clever cotton weave gives the user a softer, cosier seating experience, eradicating the harsh characteristics of traditional nylon, and that horrid slippy effect!
Comfort worked in partnership with a global mesh manufacturer to develop the ideal mesh for their seating and after many years of R&D they developed an exclusive mesh…..KMD. This cleverly designed Mesh ticks all the boxes, looks modern and contemporary yet is warm and inviting at the same time… I love all their different patterns!



The Advantages of Mesh Office Chairs
  • Breathability and Ventilation
No more embarrassing sweaty patches (love it) the Mesh allows air to circulate and in turn cools you down!
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Lightweight and minimalist, Mesh chairs are also easier to clean as they dry quicker than traditional fabrics. Also because of its strength there is less chance of the material ripping, so less repairs needed.
  • Good Value For Money
  Cheaper than Leather, simple!



With their passion for chairs and listening to their customers being paramount, Comfort have gone a step further and can offer customers the chance to create their own ergonomic chair by picking whatever frame, base, fabric and accessories that take their fancy……look what I designed!!…Click here to create your own piece of comfort COMFORT CREATE  Its good fun too.

MIRUS Task Chair….all pimped up 


Another important factor in just why their chairs are so sought after is their innovative single lever mechanism which is designed to make it super simple to control the chair’s adjustments from your fingertips.
Traditionally adjusting a task chair to fit you as best as it could required working several levers for what seemed like very minor results…and was very frustrating. Today we still see many chairs with multiple levers that have improved a lot but Comfort Seating has been the first company to produce a chair with a single lever mechanism.


This patented single lever cleverly operates the three most frequently used chair functions from a single point of contact (seat height, seat depth and back tilt), making the experience of sitting comfortably at work even easier! And stops you looking super silly trying for at least 10 mins to get into that perfect position!
Find out more here about Comforts single lever control.




Comfort has upgraded its manufacturing headquarters with the world’s first automated assembly line for office seating.
In 2017 Comfort went that one step further, and being the renowned innovative leaders that they are, announced their automated packing line which uses robotic arms (seen above) to load containers, proving to be another rather large milestone for the global furniture manufacturer.
The focus was to generate greatly enhanced workforce creativity, safety and productivity. In addition to this they completed a pilot of a highly efficient automated assembly line, which further demonstrated their continued passion to be pioneers in the furniture industry.
Comfort are clearly no stranger to innovation and investment, in 2015 they introduced their automated laser banding machine into their exceptionally efficient factory where Comfort provides a clean and comfortable, technology-based working environment.
“With a commitment to ongoing investment in developing automatic systems throughout the entire production process, Comfort’s goal is to lead the way in state-of-the-art, innovative manufacturing”




“We don’t just like to think creatively, we are also passionate about working in harmony with the environment”.
Comfort Europe can proudly say that their ergonomic range of office chairs are some of the most environmentally friendly on the planet! Plus they participate in various green office practices such as recycling of all their office waste and have plans for a wild garden within the grounds of our their premises to encourage wildlife to flourish. In addition to this all of their literature is available digitally and they encourage staff and customers not to print unless absolutely necessary (so no printing off this blog OK!)….that is fantastic, well done to Comfort!!
At Comforts UK HQ they are proud to achieve both the ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO 14001:2004 certifications. This has been down to the implementation of the following Eco-friendly strategies.
ENERGY & WATER – Implementing efficiency measures in their use of raw materials, water and energy
RECYCLING – Always improving recycling and waste management programmes.
PRINT & PAPER – Reducing their use of paper through a number of eco-friendly measures.
SUPPLIERS – They take environmental policies into account when selecting suppliers.
TRANSPORT – They are continually looks for ways to reduce their carbon emissions.


Last but not least, and being another highly Eco – friendly chair, I have to mention their MOSS CHAIR!! The team at Comfort have managed to grow moss on an entire Mirus chair… awesome is that, and it looks particularly beautiful too!….(and its still alive a few years on)


The future is looking bright for Comfort Seating, and last year Comfort Workspace brought out an impressive looking new model…….

“POFIT redefines the ergonomic chair. It applies technology to bring you more than 300% protection to your whole spine”
Pofit can successfully offer whole-line support to the users entire back, including the spine and back muscles, rather than individual support….and actually looks like a spine too! Watch this space, hopefully Pofit will be coming to a desk near you (or even your own) very soon!


So to conclude…

The best thing you can do for your body apart from consuming copious amounts of Kale smoothie and running 10 miles a day would be to park your bum on one of these, it will SO thank you for it!

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