The words HOME and WORK in the same sentence can conjure up all sorts of feelings. From the sort of dread that bubbles away in your tummy and makes you feel utterly sick to the core because all you want to do is watch Maid Marian and Her Merry Men on BBC One (we are talking 1980′-90’s here) to feelings of Joy.
The first feeling is usually connected to the type of HOME-WORK you used to get as a grubby sweaty teenager (I’m in no way referring to myself here) at school. The second therefor refers to the type of work one may partake in at home as an adult…..an altogether nicer option I hear you agree!


Maid Marian and her Merry Men (looking like a more cheerful, friendly version of GOT)

Working from HOME

Do you have small children, a disability, are highly skilled but are too old to travel far, maybe you even have a touch of Agrophobia, Grafeoiphobia (read on to find out what this is!) or another mental health issue or just simply love being in the comfort of your own home? Working from home is a real possibility and totally acceptable nowadays. So cosy up on your sofa, laptop nestled in your lap, cuppa on the side (me whilst in blogger mode) while we look into working from home sweet home.

Literally an image of myself multitasking to the max.

Technology today is the driving force behind the rise in flexible working and being able to access a more flexible work life. Whether its more flexible hours or being able to choose where you work, without this massive leap in the world of telecommunication we wouldn’t have the technological skills to communicate with and stay connected to suppliers, customers, co-workers, employees/employers, great aunt Doris and basically the world!
I’m forever amazed at how far and fast technology has moved in the last 10 years. The phone my 12 year old son has today – my old iPhone 5s (he wants an iPhone X like one of his mates…..Who in their right mind buys a 12 year old one of those!!! Not moi that’s for sure, maybe in another 10 years or another lifetime) was a thing of dreams back then….I wouldn’t be shocked to see a toddler with one of those these days.

Telecommuting is another way of saying that you are working from home, but it can also refer to working anywhere away from the office that has decent WiFi. Not my house then, its blummin shocking, and therefore causes many a teenage rage.  Just what you need after a day at work (in the office)…..delightful.
Your chances of landing a job that allows you to work from home at least a few days a week should be relatively easy these days, and all employees have the legal right to request flexible working, as long as they have worked for the last 26 weeks with the same employer they are eligible to make a statutory application for flexible working.
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Workers and employers alike can both benefit from home working. The Global Workplace Analytics study found that for every employee who works part time from home employers can save over £8,000 per year! Plus part time telecommuters gained back 11 days a year by working from home. The study found numerous other benefits, such as less stress, increase in productivity, less bugs passed on to staff, and the positive environmental impact of fewer commuters and less fumes…..winner, winner vegan chicken dinner!

   Work-from-home jobs:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Translator/interpreter
  • Web developer/designer
  • Call center representative
  • Tech support specialist
  • Travel agent
  • Teacher/tutor
  • Writer/editor
  • Franchise owner
  • Social media manager
  • Child care provider
  • Graphic designer
  • Short-term rental host
  • Website tester
  • Licensed insurance representative
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and audit clerks
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Registered nurse
  • Event planner
  • Blogger with a Netflix addiction 

(yep I copy and pasted this and haven’t a clue on some of these job titles……what is a Virtual assistant anyway? Sounds very Black Mirror)

Advantages of Working from Home

Advantages to Employees

  1. Flexiblility. You can take as many toilet breaks as you like, without suspicion and being judged, likewise with food breaks and chats to family members. You can make a phone call to your boss whilst laying down on the sofa or partaking in yoga even doing a handstand if you must. Plus you can cuddle your pets whilst you work, and that’s got to be a bonus.
  2. Choice of environment. You can work where you want! If the quietest place in your house is the loo, then you CAN get a full days work done there if you like, saving time on toilet breaks too…..clever.
  3. Choice of outfit. You can literally stay in your pants and dressing gown all day if you like, or if you feel like getting dressed is a bit more professional then those manky, holey joggers, white now grey t-shirt and OAP slippers should do the trick. That is until the Amazon delivery man turns up!
  4. Make calls easier. No need to seek out the quietest, most private spot in the entire building to make that all important call, due to office distractions and normal chit chat making it hard to hear or concentrate.
  5. Cut down on housework buildup. Its still work but not work-work. Yes, you can get up to date with all your washing, ironing and any other jobs that have been put on hold forever (is this an advantage or disadvantage?!) No excuses now.
  6. ZERO (ish) distractions. All those noisy, chatty & bubbly office types can disturb you no more….peace out!
  7. NO commuting. Get up, have breakfast, start work, all before your co-workers have left their house, which means you can clock off earlier…..afternoon tea with friends anyone?
  8. Save money. No money needed for fuel , Oyster card fares, train tickets and for those overloaded, disgustingly delicious baguette, packet of crisps and drink meal deals you get instead of that salad you know you should probably swap it for every day.
  9. NO traffic, queues and crowds. Yep no more wasting your time in queues of traffic, bored  and in desperate need of a wee or worst.
  10. More time for loved ones. That includes being able to pick the kidlettes or grandchildren up from school, walking the dog during daylight hours then having a nice snuggle with them, and visiting parents, grandparents or friends for a spot of lunch and cake or even a glass of something to celebrate being office bound NO MORE!
  11. And finally……If you have Grafeoiphobia (WHAT?? I hear you say) which is a fear of desks, then working from your bed, sofa, kitchen table (maybe too much like a desk?) or loo will be a welcome solution to your angst.
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Below are some images of Geoffrey Pascals Besk’s (Bed/Desk)

Advantages to Employers

  1. More productivity. With less office noise and distractions to wind you up (that we touched on above) its not hard to see that one of the main benefits to employers is greater staff productivity.
  2. Less overheads. When we work from home companies are spending way less money on office space (by staggering staff days in and using hot desking), technology and most importantly all the coffee we consume.
  3. Fewer sick days. This one is not that surprising. Home workers are taking by far, less days off sick than their office based counterparts. Being able to exercise and stretch in between or even whilst working curbs back and joint pain and so improves the health for employees, which in turn means less staff taking sick days. Plus not being around that one person that always gets a bad cold or dodgy tummy has got to be a bonus!
  4. Less staff leaving. Being able to pick the kids up from school, not having to organise after school care for them and basically being able to work more flexibly means that you are far less likely to quit that job for another. Flexible working is a very desirable working style!

It seems to be a win-win situation……but,

Disadvantages of working from home


  1. Decrease in staff morale. When people aren’t working in the same space as their co workers, the feeling of team spirit and being part of a family can dwindle.
  2. Harder to communicate. Talking face to face with your staff, or asking a quick question and getting an (almost) immediate answer is not going to happen easily. To do so you would have to spend precious time phoning, emailing or Skyping them, and this can be really annoying!
  3. Keeping tabs. Simply put, it can be challenging to manage and keep an eye on staff working from home. Making sure they’re doing their work and not internet shopping most of the day is near on impossible, unless you are a spy………Employers have to become more trusting.
  4. Staff Isolation. Not being present to bond with peers and keep up to date with all their antics, office stories and jokes can make you feel isolated, unhappy and wanting to be office bound once more.


  1. Keeping Motivated. You know you have to get that quote out today, but that new series has started on Netlix…oh dear, oh dear.
  2. Boredom. Yes you are actually missing all those ridiculous and tiresome chats about pets and kids and just want company!! An office environment generally has more energy than being home on your own, unless you have a toddler to keep you occupied.
  3. Communication breakdown. Whether its your fault for being in the loo when the boss calls, waiting for that all important answer that could hold you up all day, or something even more annoying as your idiotic Wifi going crackers when you need it the most, technology can be a right pain in the …. Plus the tech at work is slightly more up to date and not like something from 2010 darling.
  4. No routine. When you haven’t got a superior figure overlooking what you are doing your ability to stick to a routine will go out the window…hello lunch at 10.30…..hello mid morning 45 min sleep at 11.30….hello I haven’t got much work done today…at all.

So whether its an advantage (you would rather work on the moon that in that office) or a disadvantage, the (lovely for some) summer hols are looming and I will have no choice but to partake in a bit of this working from home business alongside 1 teen, 1 tween, 1 girlfriend of the teen and 2 dogs……Its going to be a whole lotta fun!  

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