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We at Millar West are proud to announce that we can now supply a range of super stylish, aesthetically pleasing and functional office interiors of the highest quality made by renowned French manufacturer Buronomic.
Designed in France, and with over 34 years of manufacturing high quality office furniture for professionals, Buronomic can be guaranteed to offer up a good portion of french chic to all your needs within the modern work place! Combining aesthetics, personalisation and practical performance, Buronomic furniture is sure to win you over.
A little bit of history…
Located in Honfleur (Calvados) France a city in northern France’s Normandy region, Buronomic’s origins date back to 1981 when Alain Mathieu the CEO took over Sonorma an industrial joinery specialising in home furnishing which was also based in Honfleur. Its no coincidence that both were located here as this area of France is famous for its wood industry which has been part of the history of the region since the nineteenth century. Today Honfleur is the third biggest port for wood in France, importing about 200,000 tonnes a year, mainly from Scandinavia and the west coast of Africa.
In 1987 Alain Mathieu, wanting to expand and offer a different variety of furnishings, created a range of office furniture that went on to become very popular. In turn the home furniture side of things decreased as the office side rapidly expanded and in 1997 all home interiors were abandoned. The company would finally concentrate solely on office furniture manufacturing. In 1998 the company changed its name and along with attractive prices and priding themselves with the quick turnover in the making of their furniture and fast delivery times Buronomic was born!
In 2012 Pascal Legros was appointed as President and since then Buronomic have perfected their ability to offer a complete range of office furniture, storage, partitions, meeting areas, reception furniture and seating. Each one designed with style, functionality and affordability at its heart and covering all 30 ranges of office furniture, with nine wonderfully classy colour shades, and more than 15,000 combinations of models and finishes and even working in partnership with fashion designer Olivier Lapidus and brands such as Swarovski! wow!




Company super strengths…

Our strengths: a high quality French know-how, a fast manufacture and delivery process, an innovative spirit in the creation of furniture and services for the planning of your work spaces.”

Focusing on ergonomics and well-being at work, our models place the emphasis on practicality and optimum user comfort

Buronomic is well known among French manufacturers for its amazingly quick turnaround. The company’s reputation is built on an exemplary response record as it has 15,000 m2 of storage space containing finished products and delivers every 48 hours in the Ile de France region and every week in the rest of France, England and Belgium. As well as this and as a successful company they understand that other companies are constantly evolving and that trends change rapidly so their range has had to reflect this from small entry level projects right up to large high profile installations…. which it certainly does.
Buronomic as a company is also highly committed to protecting the environment by controlling their waste, water and energy usage during the manufacturing process, helping to reduce the impact they have on our planets environmental pollution…..well done guys!
Buronomic, french manufacturer of office furniture, pioneer of well-being at work….and absolutely loved by us at Millar West!
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