Plica - Boss Designs space saving super table!


Earlier this year our friends at Boss Design launched another wonder product…..Plica (which in the world of anatomy means to fold or folding)
This super impressive and unique table has the ability to fold in half with the centre folding upwards enabling it to be easily stored and with its large lockable castors, transported to other areas within the workspace. Highly versatile Plica can be used as a meeting table but is equally ideal in a conference or training environment.
Plica is available in lengths of 2800 mm up to 3200 mm and has an 18mm top as standard with real wood veneer in Maple, Steamed Beech, Walnut and Oak so looks fabulous as well as being amazingly practical.
This superb table only needs one person to open and close it and is incredibly easy to manoeuvre around which is amazing considering its size!! Making it so much easier to set up and pack away. When folded Plica has been cleverly designed to be only 500mm wide making it easy to store and if you have more than one can be nested together quickly and neatly anywhere within a room or in a large storage cupboard…. the perfect space saving solution for your workplace.
Another clever feature of Plica is a patented anti-shock security system that stops your fingers from getting trapped when closing the table….handy!
The most exciting part is that you can use the folded Plica as a whiteboard!! How cool is that.
Another brilliant feature is that the tables can be offered with a Linoleum surface which comes in 8 lovely colours. Linoleum has a matt look, warm feel, and is anti-static along with these other benefits.
Unique Benefits of Surface Linoleum
• Lino has a tactile finish that is both warm and comfortable
• Natural material
• Environmentally friendly
• Matte anti-fingerprint surface with no reflections
• Easy to maintain
• Anti-static
• Long lasting fresh and stylish colourways
• Truly distinctive elegant look and feel
• Forbo linoleum is manufactured using 100%
renewable energy sources
• Linoleum contains 28% recycled content
• Linoleum has an earthy, solid quality to it,
yet it also “gives” when you touch it
This is such a fab table and we cannot recommend it highly enough..well done Boss Designs.
Plica – A SMART table in every sense of the word – looks smart and acts smart.
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