The Amazing Axia!


Yep, I may have gone a bit overboard on the adjective front but the AXIA by BMA Ergonomics really is an ADMIRABLE little chair. This multi award winning chair (Oh yes, I’m pulling out all the stops early on) is actually what I’m sitting rather comfortably in as I type this blog.
So lets find out just why I felt it was necessary to write this small blog all about the AXIA.

A few months back Andrew from BMA ergonomics came in to talk to us about the Axia 2.0 smart seating system. I had seen the Axia in our showroom , but because I’m not part of our sales team combined with the fact that we have about a gazillion chairs in our showroom, had not really given it a second thought…….also I am usually drawn to a bit of colour, so being a black chair and looking similar to all the other black chairs…Mr Axia 2.0 was a bit invisible to me, and not on my radar. (please note …..on closer inspection Mr or Mrs Axia is really rather dashing!)

Andrew and Gary nicely taking turns on the Axia 2.3 

Being a nosey natured lass I picked up on the interest this compact little chair was bringing to the office and wanted to try it out for myself. I was not disappointed, once adjusted to my rather short stature this little seat was SOOooo comfortable, If I remember correctly I said  it was like “floating on air”….honestly! My back was fully supported and there wasn’t a part of the chair back that was not connected with mine.  I could recline easily (first chair that I could do this with) and the seat was positioned so that my pelvis was supported correctly,…..Pelvic support is the new thing didn’t you know, Lumbar support is old hat!

I have never sat in a chair that felt effortless to sit in , if you get what I mean!? ……I LOVED it.

Me, (from the look on my face) falling deeply in love with the Axia 2.2 !

I have been sitting in my Axia 2.2 chair for a couple of months now and I can honestly say that I really enjoy how comfortable I feel in it. Nobody is allowed near it…..Obviously if a customer wants to try it they are more than welcome, I wont be rugby tackling them to the floor!


We sure are, and wouldn’t life be boring and monotonous (or even more monotonous!) on a personal level if we were all the same. On the basis of our physicality however, producing clothes, shoes and all items that are designed to FIT our bodies would be much, much easier.

The super talented people at BMA Ergonomics, which is a brand of Flokk, (one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in Northern and Western Europe) recognise that people come in all shapes and sizes as well as working and living in unique ways and so have created Axia 2.0 office chairs. The range covers people of all shapes and sizes with 5 different models  2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 & 2.5, each one having a unique element to suit different body shapes.

“A sophisticated seating system that combines all our expertise in ergonomics, biomechanics, design and sustainability. And that’s about healthy working and smart seating.” 

BMA Ergonomics


We are all becoming aware that the human body is not made for sitting long periods of time, and that sitting in an ill fitting office chair can play havoc with your muscles, joints and overall health, including mental health. (unfortunately that threadbare number from the 90’s that has moulded perfectly to your own personal body shape will just have to go!)

Ergonomics is a commonly used buzzword when talking about workplace design, and at the heart of ergonomic design is the human body. BMA knows that creating a chair that supports the back and arms correctly is absolutely essential in preventing static muscle loading whilst sitting down for prolonged periods of time…..Static muscle loading?? I hear you say. Static muscle loading is when a muscle is contracting but there is no movement of that particular body part resulting in muscle fatigue, pain and  musculoskeletal disorders.
…….basically visualise yourself sitting in the same position all day coupled with the hunchback of Notre Dame and you are there!

Oh dear, looks like Emma should have visited Millar West a long time ago!

Cue Emma the life size doll  that shows how we could look (or perish the thought already look) from sitting in the same position for long periods of time in an ill fitting chair, and with minimal stretching during the day……sounds familiar? Well take a look HERE  You will be rushing to your nearest Axia stockist (hopefully Millar West)  to purchase this wonder chair after reading it!!

“Sitting down in the morning and getting up in the evening, and still feeling fit, is only possible if your back, neck, pelvis, arms and shoulder area is supported properly.”

BMA Ergonomics.

Watch the AXIA video HERE


A chair is a chair…right? Nope, of course any chair would do if we were just sitting down for a fraction of time (I was going to give a Doctors surgery as an example but we all know that waiting in those places is never for a small amount of time!)
The good people at BMA and Flokk work around the knowledge that a good office chair has to deliver several benefits to the user. Firstly ensuring that the user is kept fit and well and that illnesses resulting from bad posture or prolonged sitting are prevented. This is only possible if your pelvis, back, neck, shoulders and arms are supported properly from morning to evening, especially if you are working 24hr shifts.

A good chair is also cost effective as it saves money on absent employees due to bad posture at work, last but not least and most importantly a good chair will give you years of pleasure!

“A good office chair is easily adjustable to suit each individual user. All parts can be adjusted in height, the mechanism can be adapted to the body weight, the seat is depth adjustable and the seat tilts for a dynamic sitting position. A good chair ensures an optimal sitting position while the feet remain in contact with the floor at all time.”

BMA Ergonomics

 The advantages of BMA office chairs at a glance:

  • Adjustable, suitable for any stature

  • Fit employees

  • Less absenteeism

  • Long lifespan

  • Fit for application

  • Sitting ergonomically conscious and correct

  • Innovative design

  • Click-on click-off system

  • Recyclable

  • Cost-effective

  • Fast delivery


BMA Ergonomics have been trading for over 30 years, and at this moment in time there are more than 1,000,000 bottoms sitting on an Axia office chair!! Wow.

“For almost three decades, BMA Ergonomics is committed to improve your posture! Indeed, it is our mission! It is a continuous process that we deal with on a daily basis. To support this process we include scientific research and utilise the latest technologies like the Axia Smart Active.”

BMA Ergonomics

In 1988 the BIOMECHANICAL ADVISORY AGENCY ( BMA for short) was established by Physiotherapist Cees Bruin (one of the first occupational physiotherapists in the Netherlands) and mechanical engineer Matthé van den Oord. They knew that “prevention is better than cure” like everybody else, but were also aware that in the workplace once employees complain about their aches and pains the damage has already begun.
By combining their medical and technical expertise they were able to create smart solutions to prevent injuries and illnesses from occurring in the first place, and in 1996, the first Axia office chair was produced in the Netherlands.

BMA is a brand of the leading manufacturer of high quality workplace furniture in Europe, Flokk. Based in Oslo, Norway, Flokk are the proud owner of product brands Profim, HÅG, RH, Giroflex, BMA, Offecct and RBM, and employ over 2500 people who all work together to realize the vision of the company, to Inspire great work.



“At BMA Ergonomics sustainability runs like a golden thread through our business”

Ergonomics and sustainability go hand in hand, and sustainability is a concept that is totally embedded in the character of BMA Ergonomics. They consider themselves responsible for the economic, environmental and social well-being of the world we live in and are certain that they can contribute towards a better future.

“The Axia office chair is not only an ergonomic but also a sustainable chair”

At the beginning of its life, sustainable materials from reliable and honest suppliers are chosen with great care and attention to create the Axia, and again at the end of its useful life these materials can easily be separated and then used again! Clever.


We at Millar West love the Axia. If you would like to try one for yourself why not come and see us or you can visit our website to learn more AXIA 2.0

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