I thought it would be a bit of fun (but mainly because I’m a nosey so and so) to ask my lovely co workers at Millar West to tell us what their favourite book of all time is and why. I could have gone much deeper and all Freudian on them and asked how their chosen book relates to them personally or on a deeper level but that would have been just a tad too much hard work….(and judging by their choices a little weird)
So you can make your own deductions about their choices! …..I’m lucky to have at least been given book names from this busy, secretive lot, so will stop right there. Gently does it and all that.


Tony Millar – Managing Director 

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming 

‘This was the first James Bond novel that I read as an adolescent….thrilling!”


Lux stool by Nomique (Get inventive! This stool could be used as a ottoman style coffee table) 


Mark Veogeli – Sales Manager

The Dan Brown collection 

“Thought provoking and mysterious these books are my all time favourite”


Coffee Table by our manufacturers Harnser (We can make these to your exact requirements and dimensions) 


Gary Honey – Sales Executive 

The Hobbit & Phil Tufnells Autobiography (Where Am I?)

“Phil Tufnell’s Autobiography is hilarious, I really enjoyed reading this,  and The Hobbit because its the only fiction book that I have ever read!”

Gary trying really hard not to fall asleep….


Lux table  &  Lux high back wing double seat both by Nomique Seating 


Karl Smith – Sales Executive

The Eye of the World & The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan 

‘The books I have liked to read the most are The Wheel of Time Series (14 Books and 1 prequel) The reason being is that they are easy reading”
These still look 1000 times harder to read than Paul’s choice below……..


Coffee table by our manufacturers Harnser (We can make these to your exact requirements and dimensions)


Jay Williamson – Sales Executive

Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin 

(We couldn’t find any GOT books so Lord of The Rings will have to do! They are basically the same thing right?)
“Game of Thrones has as all the best characteristics from the TV series with additional characters and differing story lines. I only have them on Kindle though sorry!”

Jay is our youngest staff member so we will forgive him for not owning an actual book just a digital one!


Coffee table by our manufacturers Harnser seen here with a metal hairpin leg frame (We can make these to your exact requirements and dimensions)


Paul Kettley – Transport Manager 

Peter & Jane by Ladybird Books

“Peter and Jane and the reasoning behind this is because it had very big letters!!!”
(I’m guessing and hoping that Paul’s choice was not a recent one then!?)



Plus coffee table by Verco &  Dixi Cage chair by Connection 


Tracy Lawrence – Office Manager

Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl

“I was 7, it was the first book I read by myself and I loved it so much I cried when I finished it!!”


Lyndon 120 low table by Boss Design,  chocolate bar by Willy Wonka 


Michaela Dawdry – Admin/Accounts  

LEAP by Geva Mentor

“I read this book on the day it was released. Geva Mentor is GK for England netball team. She played her first senior England game at only 14. This book is truly inspirational following her journey through clubs, trials and England. As a netball mum myself (national Prem league girl 😊) , I loved the sections about her Mum and the support she gave and the travelling involved! I dare anyone not to be inspired by her dedication.”
(Thank you Michaela for your great reason for loving this book!)


Hep coffee table by Orangebox


Becky Chilton – Marketing 

The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton 

“This must have been the first big book I read as a child.  I can remember reading this and experiencing for the first time that feeling of loosing yourself totally in a magical world unlike our own……Amazing”



Dixi and Dixi Cage coffee tables by Connection 

& The Twits by Roald Dahl 

” Humorous and shocking in equal measures to a 7 year old. I’m not looking into this too much but there may be a hidden message with this book and how I feel about my co workers (sometimes that is!)”
Did we say “The Millar West favourite CHILDRENS book?” No I didn’t think so either!
Coffee Table by Mobili Office & Lux sofa by Nomique Seating 
To sum up this short but sweet little blog post, without a doubt the most influential book has to go to………

LEAP by Geva Mentor 

Heading straight onto Amazon to buy it!  


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