Baffle is a patented system designed to hang Snowsound® sound absorbing panels from the ceiling, showcasing its lightness and elegance. The adjustable height of the cables and the array of sizes and colours available make it possible to achieve compositions that can be personalised for aesthetics and sound. The patented joining system of the panel to the cables is completely invisible; a small cylindrical joint hides the anchoring system inside. The Baffle anchors can be positioned along the upper edge of the panel, without particular limitations of space between the cables, in order to simplify ceiling installation.

‘A name and a function: a cascade of ceiling panels suspended from fine cables, magically anchored to the tops of the panels. Baffle creates a powerful sound-absorbing barrier in an outwardly random, delightful architecture. The design is reminiscent of the classic image of laundry hanging on lines between houses .’ Marc Sadler.

Features & Options

  • Part of the Snowsound acoustic collection
  • Baffle ceiling fixed acoustic panel options
  • Frameless design avoids potentially sound reflecting surfaces
  • Same acoustic qualities on both sides
  • Multiple international Awards
  • Class A sound absorption
  • Blocking performance independently tested
  • Independently tested
  • Tested to UNI EN ISO 10534-2, UNI EN ISO354, ISO 10053
  • Top international designers
  • CE mark for ceiling fixings (accordance with BS EN 13964)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Greenguard Gold certification contributes to LEED building rating system
  • No formaldehyde content and tested to BS EN ISO 12460-3
  • Absence of airspaces or cavity and seamless surface significantly decreases accumulation of dirt, pollen or insect infestation
  • Tested to ISO 9142 to stimulate extreme conditions of temperature and humidity to ensure continued acoustic performance in all environments
  • Strong, thin and light.

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