MDD Valde

Straight, convex and concave elements are at your disposal in any of the numerous wavy, circular and upright arrangements, which perfectly create the feeling of style in reception areas. The high gloss facial surface is illuminated by the LED-lighting, and the selection of HPL and wood-colour fronts complements the accurate white body of the reception counter. Being a superb workspace, Valde also stands out for its creative design and cogent elegance emphasised by the precision of details.

Aluminium horizontal slats emphasise its shape and style. The desk top is made of tempered white glass perfectly matches the glittering frontal part of the counter. LED lighting located under the upper desk top and at the base of the counter makes the reception desk work well in darker areas.

Features & Options

  • 36mm Mfc and glass counter top
  • 28mm Mfc worktop
  • Brushed aluminium kickplate
  • Gloss HPL front/facade
  • LED lighting illumination
  • 80mm cable port
  • 38mm Mfc side panel


Canadian Oak
Gloss Chestnut
Gloss White
Gloss Orange
Gloss Lime
Gloss Burgundy
Gloss Yellow
Gloss Pink

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