‘The issue of acoustics is very complex, so we need extremely simple and non-invasive solutions to resolve it. Mitesco is an acoustic panel that is made with one single material, polyester, which in addition to its excellent absorbent qualities is completely recyclable. Mitesco is light, colourful and can personalise the surrounding area, as it can be fully inserted in a contemporary context. It can be hung and supported on a stand; it is practical and inexpensive.’
Michele De Lucchi

Easy to fix – easy to remove

The Mitesco sound absorbing panel has two supports that allow it to be anchored to walls or to steel supports which keep the panel detached from the wall, so as to optimise the acoustic performance. Mitesco sound absorbing panels can be held in place by nails or screws anchored to walls.


Features & Options

  • Part of the Snowsound acoustic collection
  • Mitesco offers freestanding, ceiling and wall fixed acoustic panel options
  • Frameless design avoids potentially sound reflecting surfaces
  • Same acoustic qualities on both sides
  • Multiple international Awards
  • Class A sound absorption
  • Blocking performance independently tested
  • Independently tested
  • Tested to UNI EN ISO 10534-2, UNI EN ISO354, ISO 10053
  • Top international designers
  • CE mark for ceiling fixings (accordance with BS EN 13964)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Greenguard Gold certification contributes to LEED building rating system
  • No formaldehyde content and tested to BS EN ISO 12460-3
  • Absence of airspaces or cavity and seamless surface significantly decreases accumulation of dirt, pollen or insect infestation
  • Tested to ISO 9142 to stimulate extreme conditions of temperature and humidity to ensure continued acoustic performance in all environments
  • Strong, thin and light.


Panels can be quickly and simply moved to modify the acoustics of rooms, adapting them to the user’s various needs. This flexibility allows for varying uses for the same room (for example, to simply and quickly free the walls of a conference room to create an exhibition, by hanging paintings on the Mitesco fixings).

Magnetic Fixing
The magnetic attachment fittings, lightness of the panel and the absence of rigid or sharp-edged aluminium or PVC frames, (normally used in similar acoustic products), make it possible to easily apply or remove panels; this facilitates easy cleaning of both the panels and the underlying surfaces.

Ceiling Fixings
Mitesco panels can be fixed to the ceiling with coated steel modular frames or with adjustable supports which make it possible to vary the inclination of the panels. This flexibility enables users to modify the acoustic qualities of a given space.

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