Reverso – Storage

Aesthetics, modularity and flexibility are the key words of the Reverso range. Whether cubic, mobile or slim, the Reverso
storage pedestals helps you organise your daily work. Colourful and modern, the storage modules and structures also
represent an original solution to decorate your office interior.

Features & Options

  • 1. Streamlined wing-shaped chrome-plated handle.
  • 2. Storage units set back from the structure.



For colour images see the specification leaflet below.


Technical description
• Storage structure comprising of 38mm thick Nitech®
vertical board fixed to a 38mm thick base.
• Fitted with adjustable feet to compensate for uneven
• The structure must be completed using Structurex®
storage module, thick 16mm.
• Maximum weight load 50kg per structure.
• The storage modules with Lateral filings can be only
use at the bottom section of the structure.
• A Plexi raiser can be positioned above the storage
structure with 2 chrome-plated brackets fitted into the
upper edge.

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