Stricto Sensu

Discover the light and harmonious silhouette of Stricto Sensu operator desks, with the new design aesthetics of the loop
leg matching the top of the same thickness. Clever, elegant and accessible, Stricto Sensu is available in single or dual
configurations. With it’s minimalist structure, the furniture provides the essential functions to read,
write and meet in style.

Features & Options

  • 1. Luxury finish of the stylish double ribbon.
  • 2. Compact laminated fixed front space divider for privacy.


Top finishes:
Nebraska Oak

Leg finishes:
Chrome paint

For colour images see the specification leaflet below.


Technical description
• Structure made of Structurex®, 25mm thickness.
• 2mm ABS edging.
• Double loop leg design made of 25 x 25mm
square tube section available in epoxy Black or
Chrome paint finish.
• Double structure with beam and modesty panel
featuring cut-outs for cable management.
• Back to back configuration, desktops are
equipped with a 2cm scalloped edge as well as
an additional central 2cm scalloped edge to allow
hand access to reach the cable tray.
• The adjustable screw jacks on the legs allow up to
10mm adjustment to compensate for any defects
in the floor.

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