Wonderful Wheelie Wall!

The new Wonderful Wheelie Wall is the perfect addition to any workspace!

Built for any space!

The Wheelie Wall is the exciting new way to personalise your workspace through division, display, and adaptability. It gives a great way to let you better utilise your workspace and is a functional and highly customisable product. The Wheelie Wall allows you to have creative control and power over creating the space you want.

The Wheelie Wall is perfect for office and educational spaces. By providing an adaptable divider for offices, classrooms, and flexible working environments.

Can’t decide what you want? We got you covered!

What’s amazing about the Wheelie Wall is that it is so highly customisable, it can be made to fit almost any theme. But if you truly can’t decide what to do, there are various pre-built combinations that might give a good starting point!

There are 9 pre-built variants, which incorporate a mixture of drywipe boards, pinnable acoustic panels, TV mounts, open shelving, green walls, and coat rails, together with an optional handy low level storage cupboard in a selection of MFC finishes, which includes Natural Hamilton Oak, Light Sorano Oak, Carbon Grey, White and Black. Plus there is a huge range of fabrics that can be used. Please Reference HERE (Pg. 23)


Modern design and flexibility in mind

The Wheelie Wall was designed with adaptability at its core. It has a simple, modern yet sturdy frame, and the additions are made with the same ideas in mind.

Made with Tubular steel framework, fully mobile leather handles, easy to move castors and a wide selection of variants to mix and match with. It is adaptable to almost any workspace and can be utilised in a number of ways, whether it be a small presentation area or simply to add mobile displays and storage to a flexible work environment.


Built to last!

We take pride in the Environmental aspect of our products, and the Wheelie Wall is the perfect example of that.

The Wheelie Wall is made up of multiple components and materials, 72% of materials used in production are comprised of recycled content and 100% of which is recyclable post-consumer/industrial use. Meaning that every part of the Wheelie Wall can be recycled after its lived its lifespan, this helps to create a safe and sound mindset when people are ready to say goodbye to their Wheelie Wall. Specifications on recycled materials and such can be found in detail HERE (Pg. 24)

Obviously after all this wheelie wall talk, you want to roll over to get your own 😉
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