Silent Room

With its special design, the SILENT ROOM acoustic pod ensures the right level of sound absorption which means that it blocks both incoming and outgoing noise. The internal acoustic walls have excellent sound absorption properties which help eliminate reverberation in the room allowing the users to enjoy a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. With their low operating noise, the fans in the acoustic pod are just as quiet as the sound of leaves rustling. Thus, they will not cause any distractions to the user while performing high-concentration tasks. The models with upholstered exterior panels are also designed to absorb noise, creating a positive effect on the general acoustics of the entire office space.

You can enter the SILENT ROOM with confidence as the floor level of the acoustic pod corresponds to that of the surrounding office space and the door of the SILENT ROOM only has a small doorstep that poses no risk of trips or falls.

Features & Options

  • SILENT ROOM offers a variety of design options for you to be able to create a personalised design and desired office mood.
  • The interior and exterior finish can be selected separately.

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